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Dr. Donnelly was instrumental in improving communication between our staff members and management, and she helped me to grow as a manager and a leader of my business. 

We reached out to Dr. Donnelly when we were having trouble with employee engagement, staff feeling unappreciated, and general problems with communication between management and staff. She assisted us in all of these areas and more. She helped me identify areas where my management needs improvement and to build the skills necessary to become a better team leader. Dr. Donnelly helped us with several areas of HR including job descriptions, training, management structure, and reviews. She facilitated the selection and hiring of a qualified Practice Manager and gave us a structured program to follow to transition her into the position and develop her skills further.  

Dr. Donnelly has been wonderful to work with. The staff found her both easy to talk to and appreciated her expertise and knowledge base. Her follow through is timely, personal, and detailed. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Donnelly.