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If you’re looking for someone who Speaks to Hearts and Minds with Passion and Purpose, Dr. Donnelly is for you!
Dr. Donnelly teaches veterinary teams how to grow their practice and create an environment where everyone is excited to come to work. She is an authority on veterinary practice leadership, team communications, client engagement and pet owner communications that increase compliance.

Dr. Donnelly has a passion for speaking and interacting with audiences. She has been described as authentic, candid, practical and polished. Dr. Donnelly always delivers entertaining seminars and helps her audiences and clients with relevant information and actionable takeaways.

Dr. Amanda Donnelly’s high-energy seminars combine her clinical experience and business skills to provide practical, easy-to-implement solutions while engaging audiences. Choose from Dr. Donnelly’s most popular presentations below or contact our office to learn more about customizing a program for your next meeting!
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2023 Practice Management Educator of the Year
Twice Named Practice Management Speaker of the Year

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Idexx Sponsored event
September 10, 2024
Vancouver and Calgary, Canada
Idexx Sponsored event
September 24, 2024
Chicago, IL and Madison, WI
Idexx Sponsored event
October 1, 2024
Boston, MA
Idexx Sponsored event
October 22, 2024
Arlington and Fort Worth, TX
Idexx Sponsored event
October 29, 2024
Campaign, IL and Milwaukee, WI
Idexx Sponsored event
November 5, 2024
Sacramento and Sonoma, CA
Idexx Sponsored event
November 19, 2024
Vancouver and Calgary, Canada

I attended the CE dinner. I left feeling inspired and motivated. I cannot wait to begin some of the changes we will be making at our hospital! Thank you for helping me see the potential in our “missed opportunities!” You are an incredible speaker.

Boehringer Ingelheim sponsored event

I attended your presentation at the VET conference in Toronto. You were a breath of fresh air. We (two CSRs and myself) thoroughly enjoyed it and took away several key learnings from our time with you. One woman commented that you made two hours fly by like it was twenty minutes.

Practice Manager

I had the pleasure of hearing you speak at the AVMA convention. You are certainly a knowledgeable and skilled speaker. Your talk on empowering your team really hit home. You manage your time well while you talk and always gave a summary that told the “what” and the “why” very concisely. I picked up many tips about how I can manage my staff meetings better!

Laura Redenbaugh
Office manager

Key Topics

Getting More Pets The Care They Deserve
Dr. Donnelly teaches teams how to maximize the opportunity during every client interaction to create an exceptional experience and help pets get the care they deserve. Audiences will discover how everyone on the team can be a trusted advisor and build stronger bonds with pet owners. Dr. Donnelly also shares how to change client education conversations so pet owners better understand the value of your services. Attendees of her high energy seminars will learn valuable “dos and don’ts” of client communications so team members can attract more pet owners, increase client visits, and improve compliance. Participants will leave knowing how to partner with clients to best meet their needs as well as the pet’s needs.
Building Better Teams
In Dr. Donnelly’s dynamic seminars on leadership and team development, she shares how to create a values-based culture, improve job performance, and eliminate drama in the workplace. Attendees will discover how to communicate better to increase employee accountability, empowerment, and motivation so the practice can retain the best team members. Dr. Donnelly teaches practice leaders how to give effective feedback, handle difficult behaviors, and unlock the problem-solving capabilities of the team. Participants will leave with specific action steps they can immediately apply to improve employee training, engagement, teamwork, and operational efficiency.

Watch Dr. Donnelly's interview on client communications and phone skills

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  • Western States Veterinary Conference
  • American Veterinary Medical Association Convention
  • American Animal Hospital Association Convention
  • Australian Veterinary Association Annual Conference – Adelaide, Australia
  • European Veterinary Conference – Voorjaarsdagen, Amsterdam
  • Japan seminar series: Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka
  • Toronto VET Conference
  • Veterinary Hospital Manager’s Association Annual Meeting
  • Southwest Veterinary Symposium
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  • Wild West Veterinary Conference
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