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Leading and managing veterinary teams

Running a veterinary practice is hard work. Leading and Managing Veterinary Teams is the book for practice owners and managers who want solutions for veterinary practice success. In this comprehensive resource, Dr. Amanda Donnelly answers common management questions and offers straightforward, practical advice for how you can affect positive change especially in the areas of culture, team development, and daily operations.

The book gives you the insight you need to:
Lower your stress and lead with greater confidence
Create a values-based, inclusive culture
Implement an effective team training program
Recruit and retain the best employees to build a high performance team
Enhance employee empowerment and self-leadership
Manage difficult conversations with team members
Improve operational efficiency
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Plus, you will find bonus chapters on financial management and client communications as well as downloadable tools and checklists.

By the end of Leading and Managing Veterinary Teams, you’ll know how to be a better leader, how to improve team communications, and how to have a more profitable, thriving practice. Equally important, you’ll have a go-to reference outlining the success essentials of veterinary practice management to add to your library.
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Praise for Leading and Managing Veterinary Teams
In the introduction of “Leading and Managing Veterinary Teams”, Dr. Donnelly refers to pets as life savers for us. In actuality, her guidance and succinct advice was a life saver to me! Running a busy veterinary hospital takes so much more than we learned in veterinary school. We focus on medicine, surgery and prescribing, yet there is so much more involved. Dr. Donnelly outlines how something as simple as setting weekly goals has a huge impact. The hospital positive culture is imperative, and she encourages us to develop core values for our practice, enabling the staff to contribute directly and therefore improving well-being and job satisfaction.

The book’s hiring advice is pertinent and allows us to find the best employee for each position, allowing us to delegate appropriately and confidently. The training ideas are practical, achievable, and so often overlooked. Employees want to do well, and these tools offer the proper guidelines to achieve success.
Using specific verbiage from the book to discuss poor behaviors and issues can minimize escalations and actually improve our staff’s performance. I had no idea that I was conveying the wrong messages all these years; Dr. Donnelly helped me to communicate effectively and painlessly.

Often we’re thrust into daily practice life and financial management gets neglected. Most of us did not attend veterinary school to become rich and as compassionate individuals we allow our emotions to guide us. The financial management chapter taught me the absolute importance of monitoring our key performance indicators (KPIs) weekly in order to track our progress and deficits.
This book is clever, concise, and thoroughly practical. I encourage reading it to enhance your practice satisfaction and performance.
Joanne Carlson, DVM
Loving Care Animal Hospital


As a veterinarian who has been in the profession for 40 years and have owned several practices and now act as a consultant on practice management, this is the most comprehensive treatise on veterinarian practice management that I have ever read. I feel that it should be required reading for every practice owner (associates too) and Hospital Managers (and most employees for that matter). The book covers a lot of ground, in an organized, easy to read format. Most veterinarians do not have a business background, this book will help you get to the top of the class to help improve your everyday practice life and more importantly your bottom line. It will be required reading for the people I consult with, and my only regret is that I didn’t have the book when I bought my first practice

Dr. Terry Clekis 
Veterinary Management Group Facilitator

I purchased over 20 books for my veterinary team members that are in Leadership positions or wanting to explore Leadership positions in our veterinary hospitals.

Also, I gave this as a Graduation Gift to my niece who is a brand new veterinarian! This book is easy to read, has practical current information which our teams finds helpful. I highly recommend this book to you if you want a fresh look at what Veterinary Leadership looks like and incorporate these good ideas into your team. This book fits our core value of continuous self-improvement at Tampa Veterinary Hospital and Highland Pet Hospital.

Dr. Melissa Webster
Owner Tampa Veterinary Hospital

By tapping into her personal and professional experiences, Dr. Donnelly has put together a useful and practical guide to creating a successful veterinary practice. With a focus on leadership and management, the book provides not only details on how to lead a team but checklists and other resources that can be personalized and integrated into your daily operations. The sections on practice operations and business management give you a road map to follow for a truly profitable business. Overall, the focus on building and RETAINING a strong, unified team found in this book is a must have during a period when finding and hiring is truly challenging. Consider this a must read for all owners, managers, and future owners and managers.

Peter Weinstein
DVM, MBA, PAW Consulting

Dr. Donnelly’s very well-written book is a must-have, go-to resource to find solutions for common challenges. You’ll find clear answers to your most frequent questions and learn how to avoid common pitfalls. The book is comprehensive and full of practical information. This book is for anyone and everyone who has anything to do with the business of veterinary medicine.

Fritz Wood
Owner H. F. Wood Consulting

Dr. Amanda Donnelly’s book comes with amazing step by step guides to all the projects we wanted to improve in our clinic. Everything from new hire checklists, technician training sheets, and templates for developing our SOPs and protocols. This book gives us tangible steps to take to make our goals a reality. I am very excited to share this with my managers!

Dr. Jackie Rinta
Owner, Neighborhood Pet Clinic

Leading and Managing Veterinary Teams is very impressive work, indeed!!! It is a sharp, solid, and helpful guide for managers in vet med, and I really appreciate how approachable it is for all managers regardless of hospital ownership structure. One section that sets it apart is the discussion on managing up as well as down. It’s not at all about ‘sucking up’ but rather figuring out the best way to communicate even when you don’t agree. Having been a CSR, practice manager and regional manager in this profession, this is one of those tricky things to navigate that I wish I had understood better when I was greener.

Suvi Irvine
Clinical Development Manager with Blue River Petcare